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Atomic at ISPO 2010

Trade Fair Stand / 2010 / Munich

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Atomic Showroom Salzburg

Showroom / 2009 / Austria

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Trade Fair Stand / 2009 / Munich

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Grand Stand 3 feat. Laborrotwang

Following in the steps of Grand Stand and Grand Stand 2, the latest
publication in this series, Grand Stand 3, brings readers up to date
on current developments in the fast-paced world of stand design.

And 3 stands designed by Laborrotwang are in it:

ATOMIC at ISPO 2009 -> View stand
MBT at GDS 2009 -> View stand
ODLO at ISPO 2010 -> View stand

A big thanks to all our clients and partners!

FRAME MAGAZINE / AMAZON / Release date EU: 10 March 2011

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